A Multidimensional Women's Leadership Development Platform

A many-to-one online Personal Advisory Board training-and-development platform in the cloud

Women's Social Network

You choose your communities: A community of your advisors and advisees; of the women in your company; of the women in your industry.

Personal Advisory Board

A many-to-one mentoring tool, where everyone is both an advisor and advisee. Advisors build on each others perspectives which offers advisees multiple possible pathways and actions to achieve goals.

Online Training

Snack-able 3 - 10 minute modules of Women's Leadership Development training based on the 6 - key success factors for women.


Set personal and professional goals and be matched with advisors to help you achieve and exceed these goals.


Give and receive badges from your advisees and advisors. You can gain enough reputation points to become "Role Model of the Month".


Blogs, videos, articles and research on women in the workplace, local events, newsletters, and you can also add to the resource page.

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Our mission is to make a global economic impact by accelerating the advancement of women leaders

Our platform increases retention, attraction, and engagement in the workplace



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